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Justin Korthof

The History of – Part 2 has an interesting history. The site actually started somewhere else, and the old-timers remember where – SuperHeroHype. That’s right, your favorite Superman community was born entirely of another community. This is how the first incarnation of the site came about.
project Blue Tights - Site 1

The first iteration of the project BlueTights site.

Back in the days when McG was on board Superman, things were bleak. Frankly, no one was happy. I don’t even think McG was happy. Over at Hype, during all of this craziness, a user (who has since disappeared from the earth.I literally can’t find traces of his online persona anywhere) started a thread about an upcoming Superman trailer he was working on. A sort of mash-up of other movie trailers. Well, this got several people interested in doing their own. In fact, yours truly was the first to post a trailer in the thread he’d started… 3 of them actually. Now, mine weren’t very good, mostly made in Flash with either minimal vector graphics or dodgy use of photos found online, but they were there.
The thread started taking off, but all of these trailers needed hosting! Several users started hosting their own trailers along side those of their comrades in arts. As I mentioned in Part 1, the SueprheroHype user SuperHulk, was actually the first to use the “BlueTights” phrasing. He suggested, jokingly, that we call the trailer-making initiative “Project BlueTights,” a play on the then-popular “Project Green Light.” That’s when I got a little free webspace and started a listing of all the trailers that were being made. Two weeks later, the bandwidth had been exceeded and the site was dead in the water.
So, I bought a hosting space with more room and bandwidth to ensure that we wouldn’t have this problem again. It lasted three weeks before going down. There was a movement afoot.
Realizing that this sort of fandom was doing wonderful things, I wanted to nurture it. I bought the domain name, a bigger hosting space, and spent a little cash convincing a programmer at work to help me create a proper directory for the site. He did some PHP work for me at far below market value, and I can never thank him enough. I relaunched as you see it in the image above. BT soon became a little bit of a home for these fan trailers. It didn’t stop there, though. We had requests for more, so we started hosting Fan Trailers, Fan Films, and Fan Scripts. There was only one rule – the site wasn’t about bitching about WB or the people on the Superman feature film project. It was about fans constructively expressing what it was that THEY were hoping to get out of a Superman film.
And thus, the community was born on many of Superman’s own ideals – hope, positive thinking, hard work, and community contribution. But we were just getting started…
Trivia: The font used in the menus on the site above literally makes me ill. I used it around that same time on another project I did for a side client, but while working on that project I was horribly sick. To this day, it’s hard for me to look at that font and not feel sick to my stomach just because of the association. After that version of BT came down, I never used the font in anything again. I see it on billboards and signs from time to time, and it makes me uneasy.