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Justin Korthof

The History of – Part 4

With WB on the phone, and the Superman Returns film production crew wanting to talk to us about some cool fan outreach opportunities, my mind of course went to the design of the site. I wanted to redesign it to feel a bit more serious, or at least a little less amateurish. This History update is a look at some of the concepts that were thrown around during this brief period of confusion.

BlueTights Concepts

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Part of this “serious” upgrade was the exploration of including “featured” articles and a carousel, like most “serious” online news and blog sites have. The upper left layout was a layout we tried to make work, but ultimately wasn’t feeling right. The two layouts on the right were both part of a push to broaden the “network” part of BlueTights. We were looking at branding sections of the site to cover everything from games to television and comics. Those concepts were eventually moved out into their own site entirely, DC-Kingdom, but that project didn’t last very long due to time constraints. The fourth concept shown here (bottom left) was much closer to what the site ended up being for the launch of the Singer blogs, but even it wouldn’t last long.

At one point, we even briefly considered a name change. When looking at gaining broader appeal, there was a discussion about renaming the site Red Sun Network, and using that name to properly launch our “network” of sites with a more serious title. Ultimately, though, it was decided that there was a lot of fan love already invested into “BlueTights”, and that it had a quaint charm about it. Looking back, I’m glad we kept it, but here’s a look at some of the Red Sun Network stuff that got kicked around:

Red Sun Site