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June 2013

For comic book fans, a favorite past time is digging through superhero films for inevitable easter eggs and references to our favorite source material. Part of it is just that we like to know our source material intimately, but another part of it is that we like to know that the film makers themselves are just as aware of their source material. For many, these little nods are a form of bona fides for the film makers, a ruler by which we measure if they are truly "worthy" of telling the stories of our favorite heroes. With Zack Snyder at the helm and David Goyer on the screenplay, Man of Steel has no shortage of easter eggs to keep eagle-eyed comic fans glued to the background of every scene. Here are the ones that I caught in my three viewings of the movie. Side Note: For more of this kind of discussion, please check out the SuperTalk Podcast and follow me on Twitter: @SixOkay!