Justin Korthof

A dynamic and creative community-focused marketer with nearly two decades of experience connecting brands and their consumers in the entertainment industry.

Community Focus

I'm a creative and dynamic leader who believes that human beings connect and find community through stories of all types - film, interactive design, theater, conversation, and more. Ensure that users come to you first by building an emotional bond with them.

Creative & Design

With a lifetime spent creating in nearly every major media, I'm able to bring to bear unexpected creative solutions that often step outside the bounds of what's normally presented to clients. Throw out your first two ideas, because there's always something better below the surface.

Marketing Strategy

I always start with a problem to be solved, not a solution to be built. The creative's worst enemy is a blank canvas, so quickly defining the parameters of what needs to happen can mold unlikely and imaginative solutions to any problem.

Product Management

More than ten years of experience producing and hosting shows, developing marketing campaigns, and filling out content calendars has given me unique insights that I can bring to bear on any product or program.


Product Manager & Designer

September 2022 - Present

Plano, TX

Cincinnati Music Accelerator

Product & Design Consultant

August 2022 - Present

Cincinnati, OH


Marketing Manager / Innovation Product Manager / Director, Community & Partnerships

June 2018 - September 2022

Grapevine, TX

In my first year at GameStop, I was the architect of the company’s fledgling
esports initiative – multi-year content, live event, and educational
partnerships with Complexity Gaming, Optic Gaming, Team Envy, Houston
Outlaws, Dallas Fuel, Matcherino, and Collegiate Star League. Collectively we
created exclusive enrichment events and content in support of amateur
competitive gamers across the country.

As a Product Manager on the Innovation Team, I worked with a small and
agile group within the company, focusing on evaluation and development of
new ideas that set up GameStop for its future in specialty retail. During this
time I designed an amateur esports platform and a social hub experience for
the website.

Promoted to Director of Community, I built an experienced team to oversee
all organic social media and influencer marketing for the company. The team
drove record social media conversions and engagements for GameStop.

The Marketing Arm

Director of Digital Strategy, Gaming & Esports

June 2017 - May 2018

Dallas, TX

In service to a number of clients, I oversaw the establishment of esports capabilities for the agency. Additionally, I developed custom digital marketing strategies for a variety of Fortune 1000 companies.

Robot Entertainment

Community Manager / Marketing Manager

April 2010 - May 2017

Dallas, TX

A true jack-of-all-trades, I was responsible for all outward-facing company communications on award-winning Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy franchises. I served as Marketing Manager for all Robot Entertainment titles, shipping five titles to critical acclaim. My responsibilities included web site management; Hosting and Producing live stream shows; Managing and executing an email marketing calendar; Leading marketing efforts for in-game/content events; Public Relations; Managing relationships with external streamers and broadcasters; Overseeing strategic marketing partnerships; Advertising; Development of referral and affiliate programs; New Acquisition Concepts; Support with game metrics; Concepting and Directing video marketing; Trade show planning and execution; Creative support for in-game community-focused features; Publicly representing Robot Entertainment in video, podcast, and text interviews; Licensing.

As Community Manager for all Robot Entertainment titles, my responsibilities included developing a long-term strategy for attracting and retaining a community around Robot Entertainment; Liaising between the core gaming community and developers to ensure more user-friendly features and support of released titles; Website management and feature planning; Developing unique Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube presences for the studio and all of its games.

Justin has an excellent ability to understand the community as well as anticipate their needs.

Chris Busse
Executive Producer, Studio Head

He is a quick study and is eager to pick up additional work whenever possible, ultimately adding immeasurable value to the production organization.

Matteo Marsala
Videogame Producer

He sees the value in each person's strengths and contributions to a team and allows everyone the opportunity to contribute to each endeavor.

Laura Barrett
Community Manager

Justin is a bright, creative, decisive manager who is always quick to provide insight and ideas to drive projects home.

Matt DeWald
Videogame Producer

Justin organized people, assets, and resources into tasty sandwiches of coordinated teamwork on a daily basis. Hungry? Justin Korthof always satisfies!

Stephen Riesenberger
Videogame Design Director

His talent is endless. Hire this man, you will not regret it.

John Dee
UI Designer


Community Manager

July 2008 - January 2010

Redmond, WA

Oversaw the establishment and growth of groundbreaking communities for Gears of War 2 and Halo Waypoint. I was responsible for assisting in the organization and management of the official Gears of War forums; providing a vision and long-term strategy for gearsofwar.com, including content planning, expanding user-generated content and web 2.0 functionality; liaising between development studio, publisher, and core community base; representing a triple-A game franchise at public and press events; organizing and supporting regular community-focused gaming events; and fostering constructive relationships between studio and fan base. As Community Manager for 343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios internal Halo group, I was part of the team that launched Halo Waypoint, a unique and interactive new community experience for Halo fans on the Xbox360 dashboard.


Owner & Operator

January 2004 - January 2010

Clovis, CA

Beginning as an enthusiastic community leader, then acting as WB Community Manager for Superman Returns, I was responsible for liaising between a major Hollywood studio and a passionate community fan base, as well as creating weekly original content and delivering exclusive video content from the studio to the web. I expanded the site from just two hundred members in its first year to over ten thousand members and hundreds of thousands of unique monthly visits by its second anniversary. Another year later the site drew 1.2 million readers per month and 30,000 weekly podcast listeners.

Electronic Arts

Community Manager / Associate Producer

April 2006 - July 2008

Los Angeles, CA

Oversaw challenging communities for all EALA shooters, shipping seven titles, including those in the Medal of Honor franchise and the ultimately cancelled Command & Conquer shooter Tiberium. As Community Manager for EA Los Angeles First Person Shooters I was responsible for increasing and retaining forum, website, and newsletter traffic; online content creation such as news, blogs, and developer profiles; engaging community leaders in compelling ways to encourage the promotion of studio projects; liaising between developers and key fans to trade vital information about community expectations for upcoming titles. During my time I hosted two historic community summits that included live-fire demonstrations and the chance to play multiplayer against active duty 82nd Airborne service members on-base at Fort Bragg.


Multimedia Designer / Illustration Supervisor

October 2002 - April 2006

Clovis, CA

Responsible for designing and implementing a wide array of new media applications such as web sites, interactive CDs, software interfaces, screen savers, and presentations. As Technical Illustration Supervisor, I was responsible for managing a direct report; fulfilling the needs of both a Technical Publications group and those of other internal groups, such as Marketing Communications and Product Specifiers. During my time at Pelco, I won Gold and Silver Addy Awards for illustration, and established new industry standards for product installation marketing illustrations.

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